2018 theme: Data is the fuel to drive AI rocket ship says Dell

In todays century, when numerous technologies are heading towards a major turning point, preparing for the future of human-machine collaboration has become a chief priority forthe business leaders.

The factual aspects of digital transformation have been constantly rising numerous issues. However, these issues are of least concern as compared to the various views of business leaders on what these new beginning will disclose.

Dell Technologies World 2018 – an event held at the Sands Convention Centre in Las Vegas said ‘Make it real’ is the brand new theme. The company highlighted on how it is trying to put its beat foot forward to grow its digital journey, end-to-end.

During this three-day long event, various experts Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks, Virtustream and VMware will be seen rendering demonstrations on topics related to connected ecosystem of IT infrastructure, applications, devices and security.

Through his keynote speech on the first day of the event, CEO Michael Dell asked the companies to acknowledgethe amendments happening in field of IT, workforce and security, not just limiting to digital transformation.

He also quoted “It’s not just the new normal, it’s the new mandatory”.

‘Realising 2030’ – a study by Dell Tech was the pinnacle of this event. The study conducted a close examination on views of nearly 3,800 business leaders over 17 different countries. As per the results of the study, nearly half of these business leaders concluded that automated systems will save lots of time and effort while the remaining fellows had different opinions.

Another section of the survey also saw a difference in the opinions,approximately 42% of leaders believe that they are completely satisfied in dumpingthe works to machines in future while the other 58% expressed disproval.

Considered as an opportunity or a threat, the survey predicated that majority of these business leaders will integrate their workforce and machines within the next five years.

“Tech is now at the very top of the agenda for business leaders everywhere…the tech strategy is the business strategy,” said Michael Dell.

“The geeks are becoming rockstars…as there’s such an urgent need to deliver…our world and your organisation depends on it”. “Success going forward looks very different to success in the past,” he continued.

Although, some of the business leaders are joined together with common views on this complete transformation, a few trials and roadblocks might arise for implementing effective digital service.

As per the research conducted by Dell, merely 27% believe that they are heading towards integrating digital withtheir workforces.

Nearly 61% of leaders regarded lack of digital vision and strategy as the prime barrier. However, Aerofarms – an indoor farming firm which also attended the event remain uninfluenced such hurdles.

The firm was honoured with ‘Innovator’ customer award for their visionary to grow food smarter and better.

“It’s a new disruptive firm born in the world of AI,” said Michael Dell. He also said, that several companies have already started implementing AI and machine learning services to tap maximum data for healthy progress.

Michael Dell quoted “If AI is your rocket ship, data is your fuel. Data will become your most valuable asset.”

He also said, the very first moment of the company which was started 34 years ago, has generated more than a trillion dollars, something “that’s not very easy to do”.

Dell Technologies World 2018 is expected to receive 14,000 delegates various fields of media, analysts and execs this week. An additional of 35,000 representatives will also be a part of this event communicating through live streams and on-demand virtual video.

The audience can anticipate few knowledgeable presentations various guest speakers including the well-known US actor Jeffrey Wright, who is popularly known for probing how VR technology is effectively helping to consult those suffering PTSD.

(Source: http://www.independent.ie)


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