Fujifilm made its first ever square format analog Instax camera

Fujifilm made its first ever square format analog Instax cameraThe Verge

Fujifilm is announcing a square format analog Instax camera, and it sounds like a cute novelty gift to whip out at the dinner table. It’s called the Instax Square SQ6, and it’s an instant film camera with a 1:1 aspect ratio, which renders photos in a 2.4-inch by 2.4-inch square format.

The Instax Square SQ6 has an auto-exposure control feature so that you don’t have to manually tweak the settings for a perfectly exposed photo and a sensor for detecting surrounding brightness that will adjust the shutter speed accordingly. It comes with three color filters — in orange, purple, and green — that can fit over the flash to add a different look.

There’s also a selfie mode that adjusts the focus and brightness to take better close-ups. The camera has a small mirror located next to the lens that helps with capture. If you feel like taking a photo with a larger group than just yourself, there’s also a built-in ten second timer and a tripod socket so you can set up your own camera rig.

You can also activate other shooting modes. By pressing the shutter button twice, you can use double exposure mode, which lets you superimpose two images onto a single film. There’s also a macro mode for close-ups as close as nearly 12 inches, and a landscape mode for capturing scenery.

Fujifilm technically has another square camera, called the Square SQ10, but it costs a hefty $279 and is a hybrid between analog and digital. Other companies like Lomography have made their own square cameras as well, but Fujifilm’s new square analog camera, which has no digital functions, is a deliberate callback to the past.

The Instax Square SQ6 comes in three colors: white, gold, and gray. You have to purchase Fujifilm Instax film separately, which costs $12.54 per pack of 10 prints on Amazon. The Square SQ6 comes out on May 25th in the US and Canada for $129.95 and CAD $159.99.


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