Get a waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears on sale for cheaper than Black Friday

A rugged, waterproof Bluetooth speaker is basically a summer requirement. Oh, your speaker can’t be dunked in the pool and still work afterward? That is so 2017.

Okay, we’ll admit that it’s hard to find one that’s not a total piece of junk and still affordable — but we tracked one down, and found it on sale for lower than its Black Friday price. Meet the Ultimate Ears Megaboom: Regularly $249.99 you can snag it for $119.99 today. What.
Ultimate Ears is a brand known for their party-hard Bluetooth speakers, and finding the insanely popular Megaboom for $130 off its original price is unheard of. (For reference, Amazon’s sale price for it is $170. So yeah, $119.99 a pretty good deal.)

Whether you’re in a close-quarters backyard or need to fill a giant warehouse with tunes, the Megaboom and its 360-degree speakers have got every freakin’ inch of the party covered. Enjoy 100 foot wireless range, recharge via USB, and get a whopping 20-hour battery life. Plus, with the “Party Up” feature, you and friends can connect over 50 Ultimate Ears speakers simultaneously for sound that will literally shake the ground. Note: Grumpy elderly neighbors will not be thrilled.

As for the whole waterproof thing — yes, it really works.
And here’s one of their promo videos — which, if nothing else, is just really fun to watch:

If you’re not convinced at this point, we don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you just hate fun. Get the blue one for $130 off at just $119.99 here.

Image: ultimate ears


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