Amazon Adds Voice Control to its Alexa iOS App

Amazon has updated its Alexa app for iOS to add a much-awaited voice control feature that will let you use voice commands to give commands to the smart assistant. With the latest update, the Alexa iOS app will finally support voice control, so that users can interact with Amazon Echo devices and other smart home products using an iPhone or iPad by issuing spoken commands. The feature has been in the pipeline for a long time now, as Alexa on iOS was launched way back in March 2017. Notably, Android users got voice control in the Alexa app back in January this year.

Presently, iPhone and iPad clients will have the capacity to approach Amazon Alexa for music playback, shrewd home controls, web inquiries, and other good Alexa aptitudes, with the tap of a catch from inside the application on iOS. In any case, not at all like on Android, where clients can set Alexa as the default voice colleague since May 2018, Apple’s OS is more secured not surprisingly. This basically implies you won’t have the capacity to utilize Amazon Alexa as a substitution for Apple’s Siri. Apple’s voice colleague will likewise have the capacity to accomplish more errands on the iOS gadget, and up and coming iOS 12 highlights for Siri like Shortcuts will just serve to extend that hole in abilities.


Adding voice control to the Alexa application on iOS is a piece of Amazon’s point of making its virtual right hand accessible in many gadgets. Alexa has been added to the Echo Show and Echo Spot and also PCs from organizations like Acer and HP. Be that as it may, on iOS, each and every time, you will be expected to open the Alexa application and tap the catch to enact the product to utilize it, rather than having the capacity to just say the ‘Alexa’ trigger word.

To get to the new voice control highlight in the Amazon Alexa application, you have to download the most recent adaptation (2.2.216514.0) from the Apple App Store. The changelog in the App Store peruses as, “Tap the Alexa catch and utilize your voice to request that Alexa play music, answer questions, check climate, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.” Notably, the refresh additionally brings different bug fixes and execution enhancements.

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